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May 2014



Water Leak!

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3410850020_893ecd41d4_zMy bad luck continues! Monday night when I went into the laundry room in my basement there was water all over the floor and I could see that it had run down the wall and was on one of the exposed “pipes” up by the ceiling, but there wasn’t water running out of anything or even dripping anywhere that I could tell.

Not being a water leak expert myself, I called my dad to have him come assess the situation. We quickly decided it must be coming from the pipe leading to the water spout on the back of my house, where I fill up the dog’s outside water bowl and my flower watering can. My dad stayed in the basement while I waited by the spout outside to turn on the water when he was ready.

He told me, “ok turn it on”.

I turned the handle just slightly and water hadn’t even come out of the short hose I have attached to the spout yet when I heard him yell, “SHUT IT OFF! SHUT IT OFF!”

Quickly, I turned the handle back to the off position and went downstairs to see what had happened. When I got back down there he was wiping his glasses on his now wet shirt.

“There’s a BIG hole in that pipe,” he said pointing at the pipe that goes to the outside water spout.

When I bought my house in the fall of 2012, it was brand new…mostly. In December 2011 there was a house fire that destroyed the house that had sat there since it was built in the 1970s. After the fire a local couple bought the house to “flip” it. They tore down the existing main floor and gutted almost the entire basement, thus my entire main floor is brand new as is the majority of my basement except for one bedroom and a bathroom in the back of the house. The plumbing and vents are also all new, as are the furnace and water heater. The outside A/C unit is original (thus it will need replaced when I can afford it) and the only pipe they didn’t replace when they did the new plumbing is the one that leads to the outside water spout, which now needs replaced.

I wonder if people in warmer climates have this trouble with pipes as my dad said it had weakened due to the cold. I bet plumbers in Los Angeles don’t have to deal with things like this!

For the time being, we shut off the water going to that pipe so I could safely use water for the rest of the house, I just couldn’t use the outside water spout.

Last night right after I got off work, dad and I got some parts and pieces to fix the pipe and outside water spout. We had to got to two different stores to get everything we needed. Dad had the parts charged to his account at the hardware store because he was unsure of how much we’d actually need, so we could easily return the extras after the project was done. This amounted to $46.55.

Charging worked out well for me too as I had just spent almost the entire amount of money I had set aside for household repairs/maintenance on a quarterly bug spray visit from the local pest control service. Since dad charged the pieces, I will just pay his bill when it comes next month, thus I should be able to pay part of it out of my house repair fund and the rest I am planning on paying with income from my second job rather than taking out of my EF again. *Fingers crossed that this works out and is my last “repair” for a while!*

After we fixed the pipe, dad I and went to supper, my treat. I spend $14.86 on supper for the two of us, way less than what it would’ve cost me in labor to hire this repair done. I’d call that a success.

I got off pretty lucky, it wasn’t too major of a repair. The total spent on this project: $96.95

Do bad things come in multiples of 3? Have you experienced any “bad luck” lately?

Tomorrow’s post will not be my usual “Thing Thursday”. Instead I’m have some before and “after” photos to show you of my home office!

Photo courtesy of: Off Beat Mum

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