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September 2015



Unique Places to Get Your Wedding Dress

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Wedding dress shopping? Here are several different and unique places to find your special wedding dress! via @shoeaholicnomore

If wedding bells are in your near future, you are probably starting to look for some places to get that your wedding dress. And if you are a no-ordinary type of bride you probably wish to get it from somewhere unique and not a traditional bridal salon. You are not the only one, for sure. So to help you out a little bit, today I am going to give you some unique and alternative places where you can find a dress for your special day. This will help you enjoy shopping and make your wedding day even more special with a unique and amazing dress!

Vintage Stores and Flea Markets

Vintage stores and various flea markets can be an amazing place to find a unique wedding dress of your dreams. While you are there, you may find some antique wedding accessories or even decor items for the big day, too. So take a bunch of friends with you and start the treasure hunting at the vintage store! Just make sure you don’t buy something that needs too many repairs or is in disarray. You definitely don’t want to look shabby (unless that’s your style, of course).

Online Stores

Another great way to find nice wedding dress is to look for it online. This way you can ship that gown from faraway lands and make sure that it is really unique! You can even purchase a dress made in Australia and be confident that you are the only one in the whole continent whoever wore it. Another benefit is that shopping online can be much cheaper than shopping in bridal salons.

One of the reasons why is because of online coupons. Lots of online stores give amazing discounts! For instance, you can use Chameleon John to receive an additional 5% discount on all items with special Target promo codes, and that is just one example of thousands. So you should definitely consider shopping for your wedding dress online!

Borrow Your Mom’s or Grandmother’s Dress

As one of the wedding traditions suggest, you can borrow a dress for your mom or grandmother and have a unique and sentimental gown. Of course, you may need a lot of alterations to make it fit right. But that only will make that gift from your beloved relatives even more unique and one of a kind. So taking advantage of the dress your mom or grandma used and redoing it to fit your style and taste is another great option.

Shop for it on Facebook

By putting a status update on Facebook saying that you are looking to buy a pre-owned wedding dress, you never know what you might get. This way you might some amazing dresses that are cheap and in an excellent condition since it was worn by one woman for one day. So you should consider using your social media channels to get a good deal on a modern, gently used wedding dress.

Shop at Regular Stores

Finally, you can find some great dresses that are not technically wedding dresses. You can shop at simple brand name stores for white dresses and look modern without overpaying for the “wedding dress” label. Browse your favorite department stores and local boutiques and find the dress of your dreams. Moreover, chances are that you will find a dress that you can wear after the wedding too. So it is a win-win for sure!

Where did you find your wedding dress?

Wedding dress shopping? Here are several different and unique places to find your special wedding dress! via @shoeaholicnomore

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