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Online Income: January 2015

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Blogging and freelancing are some of the best ways to earn money online! This is a great look into making money online and how freeing it is to work from home.January was a bit of blur for me, how about for you? I can’t believe it’s over already and that it’s time for my online income report for the month. This was my 7th month working as a freelance writer and VA. I picked up a new blog management gig, and a couple of new writing jobs that are set to start in February and March.

I’ve finally hit a point in my business where I won’t be able to keep up too much longer without giving something else up. Which means I’ve getting very close to needing to quit my FT job to keep up with my online work ,which is great as quitting my FT job is one of my 2015 goals.

When you see my online income total for January, I’m sure you’ll think “What the heck, how can she be getting close to quitting her job with an income that low?!” But never fear, my income for January was mostly down because my December online income was so high since some of my payments came in early and were counted in December. Likewise, several of my end of January payments didn’t come in until the beginning of February, making January look like a slow month income-wise. That unpredictability is just a part of freelancing!

Despite me saying I’ve been swamped, I’m still always willing to consider new jobs so if you know of someone looking for a VA, writer, or blog manager, be sure to send them my way. 🙂

My online income for January 2015: $596.00

Here is a breakdown of how I earned my money:

VA/Blog Management Services – $362.00

Writing – $230.00

Other – $4.00

I did fall $4 short of my January income goal 🙁 This is sad, but as I said before my January income would’ve been much higher if payment timing would’ve been different. Approximately $500 of January income was actually received before the cut-off in December and thus was counted in December instead of January.

As always, you need to know that I don’t count my online income until the month it gets deposited into my account, so this is from some work at the end of December through about mid-January. I have made some more since then, but it will be included on my next report since it didn’t hit my account until February 1st (or later).

Remember, that my online income has not yet been taxed, which means that about 30% of what I make is going to be taken by Uncle Sam, and another (small) portion of my income will be used for expenses, like internet, computer repairs, and Paypal fees. I’m also saving some of my income to be used for FINCON15!

While I’m enjoying my online work, I’m certainly no pro at blogging or at making money online, but if I can get started you can too! If you have any questions about how to get started blogging, freelancing, or about my online income don’t hesitate to contact me! I promise that I will do my best to answer your questions and if I can’t I will point you to someone who can!

Since a lot of my end of January income was paid the first week of February, I’m going to set my February income goal at $1,000! This is my highest income goal to date.

Here are my other online income reports to-date:

December 2014 – $1,503.50

November 2014 – $753

October 2014 – $1,080

September 2014 – $581

August 2014 – $280

July 2014 – $285

Did you make any money online in January?

Blogging and freelancing are some of the best ways to earn money online! This is a great look into making money online and how freeing it is to work from home.

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