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December 2014



Office Declutter Part Two

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Back in May I did a lot of work to declutter and make my home office usable. Now I've gone back and been even more ruthless in my pursuit of minimalism.Clear back in May, I shared some pictures of my home office and all the work I did in there to declutter and make it more functionable walk-through-able. Ever since then, I’ve been planning on getting back in there to do even more purging and organizing but until this past weekend it just hasn’t happened.

During my week-long hiatus from my full-time job, I finally decided that if I’m going to seriously pursue leaving my full-time job I’m going to need a truly functional office and desk to work at. Up to now I’ve been doing most of my online side hustling while sitting on my couch or in my bed, which isn’t always the best idea because sometimes I get distracted by the TV, my pets, or I just fall asleep… 🙁

Here are the “after” pictures from last time:

Office Better 3 Office Better 2 Office Better

Now, I should tell you that since May I hadn’t been keeping up with my filing system very well and papers and stuff started stacking up even more. So when I started in on this project it was worse than these photos…

Here is a quick pic of my closet before I got rid of anything:

before stacks

That back stack is almost to the ceiling. The second stack was the high too, but I took a couple of boxes out before I took the “before” picture (oops!).

I spent about 8-9 hours working in my office this time around and I feel like I accomplished a lot! I got rid of about 2 paper boxes of recycling, filled 2 paper boxes with stuff for the garage sale I’ll be having this next spring, and threw away an almost-full 33-gallon trash sack of trash.

Lots of things were moved around and re-organized. This is how my office ended up:

after bookshelf after closet after desk after room






Again, it’s not perfect. But this time it is functional. My closet doors are able to close all the way to contain that chaos, which is great.

I will be getting rid of that black and white desk (it’s currently listed for sale on my local buy, sell, trade Facebook group). It’s too short for me to sit at comfortably and I’m still in search of replacement. I also plan on painting and decorating this room in the near future. This will ensure that not only is my office functional, but also inspiring and enjoyable, all of which I think are important if you expect to work creatively in that space. I also got sold a few items I came across, and I plan to put that $40 (plus whatever I get from the old desk) toward my new desk and decor.

The majority of the room is empty now and it’s much easier to see myself being able to work in there in the near future.

I still have a few items left to make decisions about, but for the most part my office is pretty clean and organized. It will still become even cleaner as I work to read all the books I own. As I read them, I’m only going to keep the ones I LOVE and can see myself reading again. The rest will be donated to the library or sold (if their worth anything). This will eliminate the remaining stack of boxes in the closet, as they are all full of books. Luckily, I haven’t acquired any books this year (once you net out the ones I’ve gotten rid of), so that’s a win!

Have you done any decluttering lately?

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