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October 2015 Budget Plan

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@shoeaholicnomore's budget plan for October 2015! Come see my plans for this month on saving money and repaying debt.

Hey guys! I’m so excited that it’s October. This is seriously my favorite month of the year and this year the weather is actually cooperating and feeling like fall. It’s gotten pretty crisp and cool in the evenings and early mornings these last few days. Plus, I’m sitting here drinking the first hot chocolate of the season. Yum!

I also cannot wait to buy a couple of pumpkins for my front porch. My only hesitation is that I don’t want them to get rotten before Halloween has gotten here. Plus, I really love it when they last clear until Thanksgiving.

The new month also brings with it a new budget. The good thing about budgeting monthly is that every 30-ish days you get a chance to try again. No matter how the month before went, you always get a clean slate (kind of) at the beginning of the next month.

Well, enough about fall. Here’s my budget plan for October:

CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$110.00
Gas Bill$15.99
Auto Insurance$101.61
Cash Spending$160.00
Car Tags & Tax$379.76
Business Income Required$2,790.00

I had a little budget creep compared to last month, again. This month I have to pay for my annual car tag and taxes with the state. Plus I also have to pay an outstanding bill at the dentist office that didn’t get billed out in September. I’m glad I still budgeted for it last month because I ended up having to pay a different doctor’s bill instead from a few months ago that they finally sent out to me.

The only reason my budget isn’t higher is because I’m going to be using a rebate card for some of my usual cash spending this month instead. I got a rebate card from the car repairs I had to pay for last month, and I can’t use it toward that bill so I decided to use it for groceries instead so it’s still helping my bottom line.

In the past I would have used that rebate foolishly, probably to buy a new purse or a pair of shoes I didn’t really need. Now I’m trying to put that rebate to use in my favor instead.

Hopefully this will be the last month with so many “extra” expenses for a while and I’ll be back down to budgets of $2,300-2,400/month beginning next month. At this point, I don’t see any reason why that couldn’t be the case.

How does your October budget look? Are you excited for fall? I am!

@shoeaholicnomore's budget plan for October 2015! Come see my plans for this month on saving money and repaying debt.

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