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December 2015



New Year, New Chance at Financial Fitness

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With the new year comes new chances, including new chances to get your finances in order. Here's how to get in financial shape in the new year.

Can you believe that the New Year is only a week away?!

I certainly can’t believe it. 2015 literally flew by. I had set some pretty lofty financial goals for the year, and seeing the New Year approach makes me a little bit panicky. I’m probably not alone in saying that I feel like I need more time to complete my goals.

My biggest personal finance goal was to start making, at least, $500 a month through freelance writing. I am now at more than double that, so that was one goal I rocked. My other goals weren’t as successful, though. We still have a lot of credit card debt we’re working on paying off. I’m not too sad about not completely reaching all of my goals, though because I made progress, I worked as hard as I could, and we made headway with our goals.

The best part of the New Year is that I now have a fresh start to set new goals and keep working on our old goals. The New Year means a new chance at financial fitness.

Assess Your Weaknesses

If you want to have success with financial fitness in the New Year, look back at the previous year and assess your weaknesses. By finding a way to work with your weaknesses, instead of against them, you’ll have a better chance of success.

Do you have a penchant for new shoes, for example? Instead of trying to cut that out of your life completely, build it into your budget in a way you can afford. If new shoes are part of your entertainment budget, you won’t have to feel guilty about your new purchase, instead of breaking your shopping ban and going over budget.

Take Stock of Your Strengths

What are your strengths? Are you great at budgeting? Awesome! Use that to your advantage. Budget every dollar that comes in and keep track of every dollar that goes out.

Maybe budgets aren’t really your thing, but you’re a rock star at couponing. Embrace the coupon binder and work your magic. Do whatever it is that you need to do to stay on top of your personal goals and make 2016 a year of financial fitness.

What Needs to Change?

Look back at the year and see what worked and what didn’t for your financial goals. Did you start the year gung-ho about budgets but they fizzled out by March? Try something new this year. Instead of a traditional budget, find an accountability partner that will keep you on track with your goals and spending. You could also try a budgeting app that does the budgeting for you. You would just have to stick to those guidelines.

Find a Support System

Whatever needs to change with your budget, your spending, or your debt pay-off plan, make sure you have a great support system in place to keep you motivated and accountable. It could be your friend, your family, or your personal finance blog, but having someone or something to keep you on track will help you to stay the course and reach your goals in the coming year.

What Can Stay the Same?

Why fix what isn’t broken? If your financial plan worked well in 2015, keep going! Rock your 2016 goals with the same approach you took as last year. Don’t feel like you need a whole new plan or budget just because it’s a new year. Keep going with what worked for you this past year.

Embrace the New Year

2016 is coming whether or not I’m ready. I have to embrace the success I was able to achieve, and move forward into the New Year, making changes, doing better, and still working towards my personal financial goals, come what may.

2015 was a year of getting our feet back underneath us and of me building my business. 2016 will be a year of paying off our credit card debt, building a savings account, and starting a new life of living debt free. I’m excited for what the New Year has in store for us financially, for my business, and for our family.

No matter what happened in the last year, 2016 is your fresh chance at financial success. 2016 is your year to rock at budgeting, become the next crazy coupon lady, or show that student loan debt who’s boss. Don’t let any failures hold you back. Embrace your successes and keep moving forward. Never stop reaching for financial fitness.

Did you set any personal finance goals at the start of 2015? What goals do you want to accomplish in the New Year?

With the new year comes new chances, including new chances to get your finances in order. Here's how to get in financial shape in the new year.

With the new year comes new chances, including new chances to get your finances in order. Here's how to get in financial shape in the new year.

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