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February 2014



My Weekend Away

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6722538593_47b7732b85_zThis past weekend was my first weekend out of town since I started my debt-free and clutter-free journey. I think it was successful overall, at least compared to weekends away prior to my wake-up call.

Friday evening, I stopped on the way for a quick snack, paid for with cash, and a car wash, taken from my bonus. After arriving, we went to dinner at one of my favorite places and I paid for that out of my bonus. We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, where I got a couple household items which came out of my bonus.

Saturday, we went to a quick breakfast which I paid in cash. Then, while at the mall, I purchased a couple of gifts for my family for up-coming birthdays and mother’s day. I paid for them out of my bonus. The only thing I got for myself at the mall was 3 workout shirts which came out of my bonus. (Note: I said this was full-disclosure 🙂 We did go to the mall, mostly to browse and she needed a few new outfits for a new job with a dress code different from her last job) Lunch was a treat from my friend. Supper was my treat to her and her hubby, I paid with cash!

Sunday we slept in late and then ate at Panera. YUM! They paid since supper the night before was kind of expensive. We chilled out at her place since it was very cold Sunday. Then we went to a quick lunch at a deli, which I paid in cash, and then I was on my way home.

Overall, I spent:

$42.35 on gifts
$76.36 on gas
$9.00 on a carwash
$34.84 on household items
$18.00 on food (from my bonus)
$32.64 on 3 workout shirts
~$89.56 on food and misc in cash

Total spent: ~$302.75

Thankfully, it is her turn to visit next time! I think I will try putting away some of my “extra” income from my second job to fund my next visit, as I won’t always have a year-end bonus to fund my trips!  We also ate out more than usual on this visit as schedules were just pretty full with a trip to the next city over from hers, a visit with her niece, and an tax prep appointment. Hopefully, we’ll get back in the habit of having fun at her house with cooking, baking and such on the next trip!

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