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March 2016



My Favorite Tips on Dressing for Your Body Shape

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jean-200042_640It is important to know your body shape in order to style yourself correctly and choose garments that are most complimentary to your form. However, just because a particular garment is not right for your shape does not mean you cannot achieve a similar look with an outfit that is right for you. Here are some tips for choosing garments that work best with your shape.


Those who are pear shaped have a lower body fat is wider than their upper body. Pear shaped body types had wide hips, round bottoms, well-defined waists and flat stomachs. Pear shapes look best in outfits that make them look more proportional without hiding their womanly curves. So for example, pear shapes should avoid wearing a bodycon or bandage dresses by themselves, but when paired with a blazer that falls at their waist, it creates the illusion that your shoulders are proportional to your hips. Similarly, pear-shapes should not wear shirt dresses alone, but pair them with wide belts to accentuate their slim waists. Also, rather than wearing a form-fitting top with an A-line skirt try wearing it with a flouncy or ruffled top.  Pear shapes should also pair these looks with pointy-toed heels to elongate their legs.  Must-have garments for pear shaped women are maxi dresses, peplum tops and wide-legged pants.

Round/Apple shaped

Apple shaped bodies should accentuate their legs and wear outfits that elongate their torsos and create the illusion of having a slimmer waist. For example, pairing short flowing skirts with V-neck tops shows off your best features. Wearing a belt across the smallest part of your waist creates the look of a defined waistline.  Other clothing items that look best on apple shaped are flare jean, baby doll and wrap dresses. Pair with a high-heeled platform to draw attention to your legs.


Hourglass shapes have shoulders in similar proportion to their hips with tiny waists and curvaceous figures.  Hourglass shapes should wear outfits the showcase their curves and slim waists. For example, form fitting bodycon and peplum dresses enhance your hourglass shape.  Other garments that flatter an hourglass shape are skinny jeans, fitted tees and scoop neck tops. Pair with strappy heels to elongate and slim the look of your legs.

Wedge shaped

Wedge shapes have wide shoulders and broad chests with narrow waists and hips. Wedge shapes should wear garments that accent their legs and waistline while softening your upper body.  For example, dressed in a button-down shirt tucked into a high-waisted skirt or pant creates a more harmonious look. Other key fashion pieces for wedge shapes are full-length skirts, structured tops and pencil skirts. Pair with High heeled wedges to give your legs’ definition.

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