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March 2015 Budget Plan

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5856725357_8e7ba685c8_zI can’t believe we’re already into the third month of 2015 (practically)! This year is going crazy fast, although I did accidentally write 2014 instead of 2015 the other day, whoops!

Like I’ve said before when I shared my January budget, I’ve switched things up a bit and have decided to include an amount of required side income in my budget each month. I do expect to make more than my required amount each month and thus I will report at the end of each month with a TOTAL INCOME AND EXPENSE REPORT to show you all how things actually ended up. I’m calculating things for February and will post that info next week.

Here is my budget plan for March:

CategoryMonthly Total
House Repairs$15.00
City Bill$110.00
Gas Bill$56.65
Car Repairs$15.00
Auto Insurance$96.26
Clothes and Hair$80.00
BFF Visit$125.00
FT Income$2,088.04
Side Income Required$565.00

There are a few changes again this month. I increased my clothes and hair budget as I have a hair appointment in March. I am working on decreasing the cost of my hair appointments by getting my hair back to my natural color (or pretty close) so I can spend less time and money on keeping up with the color. Right now it’s quite a bit different from my natural color, so it will take a few appointments before it’s back to a more natural color.

I left my “personal” category (entertainment) at $50 even though I’m pretty sure I went over again in February. This has been the biggest struggle area for me as I just love going out to eat… Sigh!

I was planning to visit my BFF this weekend and had budgeted $150 for that, but now we’ve had to cancel again due to weather. We’re supposed to get quite a bit of snow over the weekend. It’s just as well since she’s planning to come out here the last weekend of March so my March budget would’ve included two lines for weekends with her but now I just have to earn enough for one weekend. The downside is, I really miss her!

Other than that, not too many changes over here. I’m just plugging away at increasing my savings and paying off debt.

Do you have any exciting plans for March? How does your March budget plan look?

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