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June 2015 Budget Plan

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My June 2015 budget plan - see my plans for this month. Have you set up your monthly budget yet? via @shoeaholicnomore

Where did the month of May go? I can’t believe that this year is already almost half over!! What?!

June starts on Monday and even though it seems that time is flying, I am excited to get May put behind me as it wasn’t the best month I’ve ever had. In fact, it’s the worst month I’ve had all year. Ugh! I’ll share more about that next week in a monthly review for May.

Today though I want to share my budget plan for June as there are actually has some changes from past months.

CategoryMonthly Total
House Repairs$15.00
City Bill$110.00
Gas Bill$22.19
Car Repairs$15.00
Auto Insurance$123.46
Clothes and Hair$70.00
FT Income$2,198.04
Side Income Required$450.00

Even though I’m 99% sure I went over on eating out again for May, I decided not to increase my budget allowance for it in June. Why? Because I’ve decided to do a food crack-down in June. I lowered my already low food budget from $120/month to $40 for the month of June.

The other day I was going through my makeshift pantry and I noticed that I need to get to eating some of the food I stored in there before it goes bad. Therefore I lowered my food budget for June and I’m going to try to do my best to clean out some of the things from my pantry and freezer. Since I do want to be as realistic as possible, I went ahead and gave myself $40 to use for groceries in June which will primarily be used for things like fresh fruit, veggies, milk, etc. This comes out to about $10/week (plus I have a little left over from May too).

I also increased my debt payments by about $38 for June. This is because I’m this close to paying off CC#8 and I decided to just do it in June. My regular snowball payment would’ve put me just $38-ish shy of paying off my card in June. I can’t wait until it’s paid off! I’ll definitely let you know when that last payment goes through and what my plans are from there going forward. 🙂

The amount I budgeted for hair and clothes is a little more than in May because I’m getting my hair cut and I know I’ll have some extra bills from the dry cleaners as I have several special events to attend in June. Luckily they take place in my hometown so I won’t have to shell out much else to attend. Additionally, I plan to get my nails done for one of the events I’m attending. That’s also included in this budget category.

I think that’s it for budget plan changes for June. I’ll keep you posted on how things are going with my food clean out for sure.

Do you have any plans for June? How does your June budget plan look?

My June 2015 budget plan - see my plans for this month. Have you set up your monthly budget yet? via @shoeaholicnomore

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