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June 2014



Side Hustles Gone Wrong!

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It’s blog swap time again! Today, I’m posting over at Debt Busting Chick about One Financial Mistake I didn’t Make and she is posting here to tell you all about her trials and tribulations with side hustles. Take it away DBC!

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Once upon a time there was a land called PF Realm and in that land everyone in debt did all that they could to free themselves from the shackles of debt. Only those who side hustled and persevered succeeded in their quest for quick debt freedom but others like the Debt Busting Chick weren’t so lucky…

Guys! Debt Fairytales Just Don’t Exist… Right?!

Dying to be debt free has pushed me to up my income. I’ve read many PF bloggers articles about how they’ve side hustled with hard work and are really successful at it. Whenever one comes up on blog Lovin’ detailing many ways to earn extra income or side hustles – I save it to refer back to later.

I get a rush of enthusiasm and search for their listed opportunities online and always end up back to square one. So what have I tried? The question is… What haven’t I tried? Well let me share them with you….

Side Hustles I’ve Tried & Tested

Cashier – Working the door of a nightclub resulted in me falling asleep on the job. My body’s clock just couldn’t handle those late nights.

Paid surveys – I signed up with several paid survey sites. I ended up getting bored with completing lengthy surveys and getting paid just 8 pence for my time.

Ebay – I tried my hand at buying and selling. I bought several box office hit movies at rock bottom price (well, so I thought) and ended up keeping the DVDs because I wasn’t even breaking even.

Mystery shopping – I signed up with one of the biggest mystery shopping sites and they kept advertising jobs which offered travel expenses and a free meal. Err… Hello! Where’s the money?

Car booty – This I had huge successes with, I was making good money; until I ran out of stuff to sell. Bummer!

Blogging – Tried to start blogging and earn money from my efforts but it’s still something I’m struggling to get my head around.

Marking Papers – It’s that time of year where many children take exams which people are paid good amounts to mark. Unfortunately I didn’t hear back after the long application form I had to fill out.

After trying the many side hustles above, I still went on to try a few more…

Teaching – Just started teaching math and English at Saturday school. It’s well paid, only during term time, and the hours are 9:30am-12:30pm. We’ll see how this goes.

Tuition – After a parent watched my interview lesson, she asked if I could tutor two children for an hour once a week. I set my own price and I’ll also report back on my blog to let you know how this goes.

What have I learned?

That side hustling with a full-time teaching job is no joke. You must make sacrifices and your free time is one of them.

You need sheer determination and you can’t care that your body is fatigued, otherwise you won’t be able to stick it out.

Most PF bloggers that have been side hustling with a full-time job are superheroes with magical powers. On a serious note though, they must be heavily focused on their goals to be able to keep going because it would be hard to stick it out without a goal in mind.

Debt mustn’t be bothering me as much as I thought. I haven’t managed to stick it out at several side hustles which could have really helped me pay off debts much quicker.

Debt Fairytales must exist because I have read many success stories where many have paid off their debts in double time with their side hustle income.

What side hustles have you tried? Did they work out? Did side hustling free you of those debt shackles?

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Kayla is a mid-20s single girl living in the Midwest, USA. She is focused on paying off her consumer and student loans, while simplifying her life and closet. You can join her on her journey at ShoeaholicNoMore or follow her on Twitter.


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