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August 2014



My Not-so-Frugal Weekend

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14980440466_5765b21a65_zAs I mentioned Friday, I had a great time on my business tripΒ and it only cost me about $3 out-of-pocket. (I needed a snack on the way home and paid for it myself.) But after a frugal couple of days out-of-town, I rushed home to meet my BFF and her hubby who were staying with me for the weekend, and we were not-so-frugal during our time together.

I’ve talked before about how she and her hubby often make me jealous with their new car, new tech gadgets, and now their new (and better than mine) house, though they don’t do it on purpose. They’ve just gone under contract and are set to close on the house November 1st. I know I shouldn’t be jealous, and I am happy for them, but it can sure be hard to not envy what they’ve got sometimes.

Anyhow, we had a great weekend. Friday night we made and drank some Sangria and it was delicious! This activity didn’t cost me anything as she had brought the recipe and ingredients with her.

Saturday morning started off great. We went to the new coffee shop/bakery in my hometown and enjoyed a large and delicious breakfast. I spent $7.55 on this meal, which is far more than if I’d had breakfast at home, but it was so worth it! After breakfast, we went out to my parents house and did some plinking and target practice with our firearms. {Yes I know how to shoot, does that scare you? :)} My mom fixed us lunch and then we headed back to town.

In the afternoon, we did a little shopping, which you can read all about here. The bottom line is, I was good at the shoe store, but bad at the clothing store. I paid about $115.00 for one pair of jeans, a pair of workout pants, a sweat band, and a shirt. What out of all that did I need? Maybe the workout pants and sweat band, and if I justify it to myself enough I can convince myself I “need” the jeans, though I really don’t. I will be going back into the store to return the jeans and the shirt, which will bring my total down to about $50.

For supper, we went to the local bar and had greasy bar food and severalΒ pitchers of red beer. Yum! I decided that it was my treat since they had driven out to see me and had provided the Sangria the night before. Our total at the bar was $46.50, it should have been more but they left 2-3 pitchers off our ticket. SCORE!

Sunday morning, I was treated to breakfast and then they left to go home mid-morning.

I love my BFF and we always have fun together, but I usually end up spending way more money than I plan on. I think from now on, I need to set myself up for success by having a little more “blow” money set aside for our visits to each other. Luckily for my budget, I won’t be seeing her again until my visit to them the first week of October.

My total weekend spending: $169.05 (before returns)/$104.50 (after returns)

How was your weekend? Were you successfully frugal?

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