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February 2014



Finding My Tax Info: Part 2

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See  part 1 here of my Finding My Tax Info series if you missed it. Last week I shared how I tackled this nearly full box:
Turning it into this:
I have continued work on the box: taking out all my bank statements, reconciling any necessary information, organizing them by date, and filing them in my file cabinet. I also had several that were old enough to shred and discard on the spot. I also took out the check duplicates and deposit slips, organized them and made copies of necessary items for my tax return. Then I filed them away in a clearly marked box in the file cabinet. This left the box looking like this:
I am still not finished with this box completely, but for now it will do. I have to finish my tax info before I begin tackling magazine page rip outs despite the fact that they are bothering me and I am super close to being rid of a box…
This lid of receipts was also unearthed from the first photo of the box in part 1. I went through this piece by piece.
This is all that made the cut of being necessary to keep. I have no idea why I kept so many unnecessary receipts. I will NOT be keeping them all in 2014.
After all this mess, I finally have the majority of the info found for my taxes. Now to put it all together…
The upside to this is even if I didn’t do any better about filing my paper as it comes into the house in 2014, it will only be 1 year’s worth. Some of this dated back to 2011 and earlier, which is really irritating. I have no idea why I kept all this and had the effort of boxing it and moving it twice.

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