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May 2015



Financial Wins and Financial Losses

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We all have ups and downs in our lives - here are my financial wins and losses lately! via @shoeaholicnomore

Wow! There have been a TON of changes going in my life the last couple of weeks, including taking on a new staff writer for my site. Did you guys love her post on Monday? I sure hope so as I’m really excited to have Kristi on board! 🙂

Today I just wanted to give you an update on some of my recent life happenings and how they’ve affected my finances. Some of them have been financial wins and some have been financial losses. Some are TBD as I just don’t know how they’ll play out yet. So here we go!

Financial Win: I Got a Bank Fee Reversed

This first one is kind of a win and kind of a loss. I got charged an overdraft fee on my checking account last week. I was bummed because it’s the first one I’ve had since before I started tracking my spending in September 2013. I totally miscalculated when a couple of transactions would hit my account and thus I went into the negative by less than $20 and got hit with a $26 NSF fee.

After I got over feeling bummed, I decided to try to rectify the situation. I called my bank the next morning and asked if they would possibly reverse the fee. After a little sweet talking, they did it. Woot! Fee Averted!

Financial Loss: My Neighbor is a Cheapskate

A few weeks about I told you about my backyard project and how expensive it’s going to be. Well unfortunately I’ve run into some conflicts with this project that are going to make my portion even more expensive. 🙁

When I initially talked to my neighbor to see if she’d be willing to help with the side between us (my assumption: 50-50 as she didn’t say anything else) she didn’t ask about price or anything though she clearly had to know it would be expensive due to the cement I’m having poured.

I won’t get into our whole semi-heated conversation, but basically she’s not willing to help any more than $300 worth, so I’ve got to come up with an additional $800 that I wasn’t expecting by the end of May!

I decided to still go ahead with the project as I have my fence down already and I can’t really back out of it now as then I’d have no fence at all. So I’ve had to get creative to come up with some extra money.

Financial Win-ish: I Got a New Credit Card

This may not sound like a financial win, especially when I told you I wouldn’t be putting any of my backyard project on credit, but I decided to get a new credit card with a 0% APR for balance transfers and new purchases, plus a $0 transfer fee for the first 6 months. After a bit of debating with myself, I refinanced my debt from CC#4 on this card to help me get it paid off faster and to avoid any more interest. The total amount of my transfer is $2,007.35 since I put the wood and some other fence materials on my credit card. (I’m glad I hadn’t put all of my remaining tax money toward paying off the credit card purchase as now I’ll need to pay for the cement part that my neighbor will not be helping out with.)

By my math, I should be able to pay this transfer off in 12 months to avoid all interest charges by paying $167.28/month. In reality though, I plan to pay more than this so I can get it paid off early and start another balance transfer before the 0% interest and $0 transfer fee offer is up.

This will help me afford my backyard project without having to pay interest on it, and it’ll help me pay off some of my other debt more quickly as I also won’t be paying any more interest on it either. But even with this decision, I’ll still have to loan myself some money from my business account to get this project finished.

Financial Win: Business Expansions

As you know, I took on my first staff writer, Kristi, to help me with writing for my site. This will help me have more time to focus on other projects and ideas I have for my business, and hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing her perspective on fashion, frugality, minimalism, and life.

Another business expansion I announced on Friday is that I bought a new website. I wanted to hold back from telling you all about it and sharing a link until it was “perfect” but as I delved more into the site I realized if I waited for it to be “perfect” it could be a LONG time until I shared it with you. So here it is for your viewing pleasure despite it not yet being everything I want it to be. It’s still a work-in-progress I guess. 🙂

Financial Conversation

I hope you’ll enjoy following along with the new site as it will be a little more focused on other personal finance things besides my personal debt story and life happenings. In fact, I’d love to have your help in getting the Financial Conversations started, so if you have any good ideas of what you’d like covered, or if you want to be interviewed or guest post on the site, please drop me a line. I’d seriously appreciate it! 🙂

What financial wins and financial losses have you had lately?

*Part of Financially Savvy Saturdays on brokeGIRLrich, A Disease Called Debt and Shoeaholic No More*

We all have ups and downs in our lives - here are my financial wins and losses lately! via @shoeaholicnomore

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