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I Financed my Computer

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28696023_0c6aae4634_oSo I’ve told you all about my tough month this month, with a car repair forย $325, a new computer for $375, a new internet router for $80, and a new pair of workout shoes for $55. It has been a tough month, but I’m proud to say that other than those things I’ve been pretty good. I am a little over onย my grocery budget, but I knew at the beginning of the month that I might be because of my Paleo challenge.

Anyway, I have some unfortunate news about all these purchases. I ended up paying for most of the car repair out of my EF (all but about $40 of it), but everything else was put back on my credit cards. The internet router and workout shoes were charged to CC#4, which is also delaying my progress on getting that debt paid off, but I’m still hoping to crack down and pay it off in November. The $375 for my computer was financed on CC#8 with a 12 months no interest promo deal.

My current plan to get this paid off within the 12 month period is to add together my current minimum payment on that card ($36) and the amount I’d need to pay monthly in order to get the promo paid off in time too (about $31.25) for a total monthly payment of $67.25. The rest of $110 snowball ($78.75) will be put toward paying off CC#4.

On the EF front, I haven’t updated my balance on my sidebar yet as I’m hoping to put some extra money back into my account at the very end of the month. I’m hoping to get ahead on my side hustles and get some of that income a couple of daysย early so I can put it in my EF before the last day of September when I report to you my monthly progress, but we’ll see what happens. I know that my EF balance will be down for this month, I’m just hoping to minimize the decrease as much as possible, so I’m going to hustlin’ hard these last few days.

How’s September been for you so far? Have you blown your budget?

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