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February 2015 Budget Plan

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2277979680_3ceac0043b_zIt’s time for my second budget plan for 2015 already! Time is sure flying by, which is good and bad at the same time.

As I said when I shared my January budget, I’ve switched things up a bit and have decided to include an amount of required side income in my budget each month. I do expect to make more than my required amount each month and thus I will report at the end of each month with a TOTAL INCOME AND EXPENSE REPORT to show you all how things actually ended up. I’m sure that sometimes things will be better than expected and sometimes they will be “worse” than expected. Things change and can happen as the month progresses and I think knowing that I have to report on how I actually end up using my income each month will help me make better and more conscious decisions before I blow all of my side income on frivolous things.

Be looking for my January 2015 total income and expense report next week after I get the numbers finalized.

Here is my budget plan for February:

CategoryMonthly Total
House Repairs$15.00
City Bill$110.00
Gas Bill$83.33
Car Repairs$15.00
Auto Insurance$96.26
Clothes and Hair$30.00
FT Income$2,198.04
Side Income Required$300.00

There are a few changes from my January to my February budget, like my clothes and hair category. I budgeted $80 for January and only $30 for February. I don’t have a hair appointment in February since I go 6 weeks between appointments, so this $30 will be used for any small purchases I need, like hair spray or dry cleaning.

I increased my “personal” budget, which is my entertainment and eating out budget. After talking with my accountability partner, Laurie, I decided I should increase my budget in this area a little bit so I can hopefully stick to it instead of being over every single month. We’ll see how this month turns out before I decide what to do for March and beyond.

Other than that, there aren’t too many changes to my budget this month. I don’t have any big plans for the month so I don’t have any “special” categories included. My plan is to try these budget amounts for February and then make adjustments as needed. Because this will be a more accurate account of my spending, I think I’ll be able to control my spending better since I’m going to be more transparent about it with you.

Do you have any special plans for February? How’s your budget looking for the new month?

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