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May 2014



City Code Violation!?

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7292779706_7785f8a873_zWhen I got home from work Friday afternoon, I had a lovely bright orange flyer hanging from my the handle on my front door.

“This is a courtesy┬ánotice that you are currently in violation of Townname’s city code #xyz. The code is as follows:

  • There must not be any weeds on the premises above 12″ tall. This includes both front and back yards as well as alleyways and any other areas on the property. The property must be well groomed……

You have 5 business days to get this property in compliance or a fine will be issued.”

WHAT?! I showed you guys pictures of my flowers, so obviously I care about my yard and the appearance of my “property”. If I didn’t care would I have taken the time to plant flowers? I think not!

The only thing I can think of that could be construed as “weeds over 12 inches” would be in my front yard where I’m trying to grow grass and thus have not yet mowed this year, hello you can’t walk on baby grass!

So, I decided I would just “trim” the big stuff I can reach while standing on the sidewalks and driveway with a gas powered trimmer. The only problem is, I don’t yet have one. So, I called my dad to see if I could borrow his. He said yes, of course, and when he brought it over he told me I could just buy his (it’s extra, he has another one) and it would be a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

This newest “purchase” will be added to my tab with them and thus you will be seeing my Parent Loan total increasing sometime in the next few days. ­čÖü At least┬ámy parents┬ádon’t charge me interest.

Have you ever been involved in a city code violation?

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Photo courtesy of : Jereme Raukman

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