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December 2016



November 2016 Budget and Debt Results

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Are formal budgets really necessary, or can you just "wing it" after a while? I didn't make a budget this month and I still managed to pay off some serious debt!Holy December! How did this happen?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did.

I stuffed myself with food, spent time with my family, and avoided work at all costs. Somehow, I got away with only checking my email twice over the long weekend. Does anyone else really struggle with the need to check your email every two seconds? No? Maybe it’s just me. 😉

Once again, I didn’t make a budget and it doesn’t really look like I’m going to do one for December either.

I’m not really sure why, but I’ve been dreading budgeting lately. I think it’s more the fact of having to categorize all of my expenses and compare my planned budget to my actual spending, than having a budget.

Does anyone else go through budgeting spurts when they don’t just feel like it anymore?




November 2016



These Are Robert Kiyosaki’s Best Money Saving Tips

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dollar-1362244_640Since he published his all-time best-selling book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ Robert Kiyosaki has been become synonymous with personal financial success.

He gave useful insights why rich people ‘get rich’ while others toil away at conventional jobs and earn inadequately in return. Years after writing the book, his key tips on saving and investing wisely continues to resonate with audiences around the world.

Here are some of his best pieces of advice on securing a good financial future.

Being financially literate is a sure pathway to building wealth

Kiyosaki himself has shown that his passion lies with teaching and giving other people education on creating wealth. One of the models he used for his financial literacy programmes is the Cash flow board game which is a simulation programme designed to demonstrate real-life financial strategies, scenarios and results.

According to Kiyosaki, understand the key points in money management is a sure way to preparing adequately for the future, and hedge against emergencies that could constitute a bump on the path of financial security.

There are good debts and there are bad debts.

To the uninitiated, the idea of debt means a sea of crisis. But that’s not always the case and not all debts are bad, Kiyosaki lectures. Yes, there are good debts and you should have a debt strategy and learn how good debt can make you rich.

A good example of a good debt is the money you borrow to invest a profitable buy-to-let property.  In contrast, an instance of a bad debt is the debt you incur when you overspend on your credit card.

The difference between a good debt and a bad debt lies basically in where the borrowed funds goes to. It should be invested in a creative, positive venture with good income-generating potentials.

Recognise your assets and liabilities, and focus your spending on the former

This follows from the previous point. Assets generate wealth and liabilities require continuous spending without significant tangible returns. A smart strategy to winning at both ends is to use your asset to pay for liabilities.

Real estate is an example of asset to invest in, while new and bigger cars, designer cloths and fancy vacations would qualify as liabilities that’ll hedge your wealth-building capacity. Kiyosaki said people shouldn’t consider their house an asset until they’ve paid off the mortgage.

Don’t just dream it; act on it.

Goals can often seem a long way from the present. Dreams make goals appear clearer, but acting on them takes you a step closer each time you make an effort.

One sure financial strategy is to open a current account. But you don’t always have to do it the conventional, be-labouring way. For example, a super-smart app, B helps you to pay, spend and save wherever you are, and whenever you like from your mobile device.

So rather than mope about your inadequacies and making the goals appear gigantic and unattainable, focus your mind and efforts on smart and creative financial strategies and on achieving them.

Work with a team of positive-minded people

The old saying that birds of a feather flock together holds true today and always will. Surround yourself with people with similar goals and wealth-building mind set. Don’t associate with people who laze about and are waiting for an uncertain windfall.



November 2016



How NOT to Save for Christmas

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There are lots of ways to save for Christmas, but there are also some things you should NOT do to save for Christmas.Christmas is almost here. Yes, already. It’s really too late to save for Christmas this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save for Christmas next year.

You can already start making a plan for how you’ll afford Christmas next year. That way you can start saving as soon as you are done paying for this year’s holiday. The reason this works is because Christmas is not a surprise.

It comes around every year like clock work. It’s always on December 25th. There’s no getting around that.

Sure, you can try to make Christmas as cheap as possible. But you’ll more than likely have to spend some money if you plan to celebrate the holiday.

This time of year I always get a little mad pissed off when I hear about the irresponsibility of some people. It’s November and they haven’t saved for Christmas.

There’s still a little time to earn some extra money or sacrifice something to help save for Christmas but there also some things you should NOT do to save for Christmas.




November 2016



October 2016 Budget and Debt Results

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I didn't even make a formal budget for October, but I still wanted to report my spending for the month. Find out how I did without a budget.Hey all! We are already a few days into November and I can’t believe how quickly time is passing us by. The holidays will be here before we know it. At least I have a good portion of my Christmas shopping already done!

I do have a confession to make, though. I didn’t make a budget for October. Like, at all.

After getting home from FinCon with just a couple of days left until October, I was feeling very stressed and behind in my work. Then when I realized I hadn’t made a budget, the month of October had already begun. Then I had that feeling like, “Oh well!”, which is not really a good feeling to have about your finances.

I know this is how I ended up in debt in the first place a few years ago. From not having a budget. Not knowing how much I was really spending. And from being very non-concerned about it.

I’m still going to report my spending below, but it could be bad since I didn’t even have a plan in mind for my month this month. So, here we go.




October 2016



Efficient and Effective Money Making Techniques

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dollar-1362244_640-1Making money can be a daunting task for some people. However, this does not always have to be the case. Let me share with you some simple techniques that should get you up and running in no time.

Opt for Entrepreneurship

Perhaps you have worked for a stingy employee for ten years now. You work very well, but are not paid as you should. So why not become your own boss?

To always have money, leverage your skills. Throw yourself into the business and forget the wage. Open a business in your area, or sell services. By choosing to leverage your time and your expertise rather than your physical efforts as an eternal employee, you can carve a name in the world of entrepreneurship.

However, do not forget that becoming an entrepreneur does not mean harvesting fruit without working. If you are not a hard worker, persistent, meticulous and ambitious, making money in millions is a far cry!

Go Shopping

The worst advice seems to be to spend on shopping. But it is indeed an effective way to make money, and on an ongoing basis.

This activity is indeed commissioned by companies who wish to have customer feedback about the quality of the services they offer. They ask individuals to shop in some of their stores and then make a report. And all this in return for payment!

Rent Out Your Property

You do not have to be a genius to continuously receive money. It suffices to rent a good value property and collect rent or leasing costs over the long term.

Unless this is a legacy, a family property or gift (albeit very rarely), you must first buy the property in question in order to then rent it. To have your starting capital, you can save or make a credit application. This will allow you to finance the acquisition of said property – land, house, apartment, car, motorcycle, etc.

Prioritize Your Activities

To have money, you have to spend less. To put this into practice, think of prioritizing your projects and achievements in four main classifications: the urgent and important, urgent unimportant, important and not urgent, or the neither urgent nor important.

This classification will allow you to focus on objectives on the long term and, at worst, those of the medium term because the idea is to have money and more importantly, to never lack.

None of these solutions are within your abilities due to a lack of capital? Well, the following tips require no or very little financial capital.

Work on the Internet

There are more and more people who earn their living on the Internet. Why not join them? If you have any skills: writing, secretariat, graphic design, web development… Use your skills to make your livelihood.

Otherwise, you can start from scratch and learn the ropes of entrepreneurship on the Internet.

Create a Website

Create a site and then reference it properly. Then simply propose to host third party advertisements, insert sponsored items and sell your own products. With new content management platforms, creating a website does not require more than just basic computer skills!

As you can see, making use of promo codes is not the only technique you can use to make money.

Do you have other ways to get money by working or changing habits? Share them with us!