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December 2014



Did Black Friday Get the Best of Me?

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Yes, I admit it, Black Friday did entice me to shop this year. I’m guilty!

Friday morning my mom and I placed an order together for some hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. I got 4 bottles for myself and she got 7 (I think). For this purchase, I took the money out of my household fund because that’s where the money for household goods usually comes from. So, we’re all good there.

Then we placed another order via Victoria’s Secret. I did say I needed 1 more bra and they were having a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale! So by combining an order with my mom, we each got one bra for 25% off.

OpMAUR1-19130695v275ver the weekend, mom and I decided to place one more joint order to Maurices so we could take advantage of buy 1 get 1 50% off on jeans since we each needed 1 pair. This means we both got one pair of jeans at 25% off. This was also listed on my approved shopping list. On the same order, I also got one more pair of workout capris at 40% off (also approved spending).

I wasn’t planning on doing any other shopping for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but then I remembered my $10 off coupon to JCP and combined with their Cyber Monday sale, I got my last needed bra, my last needed pair of workout pants, and 1 pair of PJ pants for $40! The PJ pants weren’t approved spending, but in order to get free shipping I needed 1 more item in my cart. The pants were $8 and the shipping was $8, so it was a smart move to get one more item rather than pay for shipping.

In order to keep my clutter down, I will be getting rid of a couple of old bras, a couple of pairs of old workout capris, and a pair of old PJ pants.

Though I hadn’t planned on shopping at all, I think I did pretty good overall. The most expensive thing was that darned bra! (But the VS ones are by far the best!)


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