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March 2017



What to Do When You’re A Saver & Your Partner Is A Spender

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These tips were super helpful for my relationship. My partner is a spender and now I understand how to help!Not agreeing on money is a flaw that can ruin a relationship or marriage. In fact, research studies have shown that money stress can lead to decreased satisfaction in your relationship.

While that doesn’t mean you’ll be heading to divorce court soon, it’s never advisable to have added stress if you don’t need it.

So what do you do if you are a natural saver and your partner is a spender? These tips should help!




January 2017



How To Have Your Dream Wedding On A Budget

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Wow! This woman had her wedding and honeymoon for only $600! I can't believe how she did it!The average wedding in 2016 was estimated at $26,645. Throughout the years, weddings have only become more expensive. Companies have realized that a bride and groom (and their families) will pay a small fortune to stay at their dream venue, eat good food, and dance the night away. But do you really have to get into debt to have a wedding? No, you really don’t. You can have your dream wedding on a budget. I know because I did it!

I planned my wedding, and honeymoon, in only three weeks. No, that is not an exaggeration, and yes, it was amazing.

I may not have had the fairytale wedding with a horse-drawn carriage that some women think of, but it was a fairytale to me.

The best part? No debt. In total, I spent around $600 for my wedding and honeymoon. Let me break it down for you.