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How To Have Your Dream Wedding On A Budget

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Wow! This woman had her wedding and honeymoon for only $600! I can't believe how she did it!The average wedding in 2016 was estimated at $26,645. Throughout the years, weddings have only become more expensive. Companies have realized that a bride and groom (and their families) will pay a small fortune to stay at their dream venue, eat good food, and dance the night away. But do you really have to get into debt to have a wedding? No, you really don’t. You can have your dream wedding on a budget. I know because I did it!

I planned my wedding, and honeymoon, in only three weeks. No, that is not an exaggeration, and yes, it was amazing.

I may not have had the fairytale wedding with a horse-drawn carriage that some women think of, but it was a fairytale to me.

The best part? No debt. In total, I spent around $600 for my wedding and honeymoon. Let me break it down for you.