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August 2016 Budget and Debt Results

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August 2016 ResultsA few weeks ago, I decided to change my budgeting strategy and how I share my information with all of you. There were a few reasons behind why I decided to change budgeting strategies:

  • My old strategy was time intensive and took up two posts/month on my blog. I knew I could provide more valuable content in those slots instead of 2 separate budget posts.
  • I got tired of sharing my budget plan only to have the results of my spending look completely different by the end of the month.
  • As my blog grows and becomes more popular with people I know IRL, it’s harder for me to feel comfortable sharing every cent of my money plan and spending.

I’m still going to be sharing my online income reports (and expenses) and my personal spending will be reported at the end of each month. I started this blog to document my financial journey toward paying off debt and I don’t want to get away from that idea.

That said, here’s my report for August 2016 spending.

Debt Totals:

7/31/2016 – $140,818.44 all debt
$28,729.77 without mortgage

8/31/2016 – $139,985.48 all debt
$28,121.58 without mortgage

Difference – -$832.96 all debt
-$608.19 without mortgage


7/31/2016 – $1,543.67
8/31/2016 – $1,570.20
Difference – $26.53 Increase


CategoryMonthly Total
City Bill$94.49
Gas Bill$8.36
Auto Insurance$148.59
Personal Trainer$170.00
Cash/Other Spending$1,013.89
Travel Savings$100.00
Trip to See BFF$85.63

A few things to remember when looking at my spending:

I got a roommate and that lowered my mortgage payment and my two utility bills are actually only half of what I was actually billed for since we split those costs. I do pay 100% of the internet bill.

My cash and other spending looks super high this month, but I don’t really have anything fun to show for it. I had to buy several things for my house, like a new $30 filter for my fridge, some furnace filters, etc. A bill came for when I had a professional spray my yard for weeds because it was becoming overrun in a few places. I had to visit the chiropractor once and I got some clothes pressed for FinCon. #adulting

How did your August turn out?

August 2016 Results

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