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Hi, I’m Kayla!

I’m a blogger, entrepreneur, freelance writer, recovering shopper, and dog mom living in western Kansas. My passion is helping people overcome their spending problems to create a simpler life.

How it All Began

I started writing my blog in 2013 because my finances were so out-of-control that I was unable to sleep through the night. I found inspiration from other personal finance bloggers after a late-night Google search when I was at my wit’s end.

My blog was started to document my journey out of debt and away from a cluttered closet full of clothes and shoes I never even wore.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the root of my spending problems were emotional. I went through some major life changes after a divorce, and they left me feeling depressed and lonely. In return, I tried to shop these feelings away.

Now, I use more healthy ways to deal with my emotions, like blogging, and helping others realize the root of their financial problems.

If this is your first visit to my website, welcome! I’d love for you to stick around and follow me in my journey out of debt and toward a simpler lifestyle. You can start getting to know me better by reading my very first blog post, where I share why I decided to start blogging at rock bottom. You can also find out some of my inner issues in this post, where I explore why I am where I am in life.

But this blog isn’t all about me.

What This Blog is About

The focus of my blog isn’t just on getting out of debt, but also about pursuing an intentional lifestyle filled only with the things that matter most. What matters most to me might be different than what matters most to you, so the advice I give is meant to be taken and applied to your life and what matters to you.

Living a simpler life doesn’t mean never going shopping, because that’s something I’ll never give up entirely. To me, it means having a plan for using money wisely and giving myself the freedom to spend it on the things I enjoy, like eating out and shopping, while still working on my financial goals.

I also enjoy talking about how I’ve built my business since I became self-employed a little over a year ago.

To make it as easy as possible for you to navigate my website, here’s a break down of what you’ll find on my website:

Beauty and Fashion

As I said, even though I want to live a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle, I still enjoy being fashionable. In this section, I share my best tips for frugal fashion and beauty on a budget. My favorite post is about how I get my makeup for free!


My business has become a big part of my life and my journey out of debt. In this section, I share details about my business, including how much I earn, how I earn it, and more.

Decluttering and Organization

A big part of my journey out of debt and toward a simpler life has been getting rid of things I no longer use, love, or enjoy. I’ve made lots of progress over the past three years toward decluttering my life and my closet. In this section, I share some of my decluttering and organization tips and tricks, plus some of my personal decluttering “projects” to help you stay motivated.


Life is always busy with coming and goings and sometimes I just like to share what’s going on in my life right now. There’s always a take-away message to be found, but these are the posts where I get the most personal.

Mindful Living

Mindful living is where I share my thoughts and ideas about building a life centered around the things you love the most. Sometimes I share stories about how I’ve decided to build my life and what is meaningful to me, but I also share tips on how you can discover what matters most to you and how to work toward those goals.

Money and Finances

This is why I originally started my blog and where I still share my journey as I work my way out of massive amounts of debt. In this section, I also talk about ways to make a budget, pay off debt, save money, plan for the future, and more.


Relationships are a big part of our lives and can have an effect on everything we do. This section is about those relationships and how they impact our lives.


A new-found passion of mine since I quit my job has been traveling. I use this section to talk about my travel plans, how I budget for travel, how to save on traveling, and more. You can also find a pretty hilarious post about my first time staying at an Airbnb.

Let’s Connect!

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You can also find me on my social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, where I share my best tips and inspiration every day. I also love to hear directly from my readers, so you can contact me via email at I’d love to hear from you!


Happy reading!